Stuff to share…

will be having a make-up workshop for those who are interest in basic make up
please feel free to join us!!!
the workshop is totally FOC~~~

mayb u’re doubting who is me having a workshop..haha
i dun even have any cert in make-up course
hahha…kinda guilty
just wanna share the make-up skill i have with those who nid it…
i start make-up at 15 of coz some basic thing like foundation, brushes, lash curler
then mascara, eye liner and lip-gross at 17
when 18 i go out with full make-up
ya it might sound wrong to u
but make-up like a drug for me
once u touch it, u nvr leave it whenever u’re out to somewhr

when i enter uni started help others make up
people starting finding me to handle event make-up
this is the first event i handle
paiseh forget what event is this~
and this is fresh bottle music sharing night at 2006
me and my friend are dealing with 40 ppl’s face
but it was really a good experience!!
and c that’s me when im still fat and chubby

3rd event is a chinese traditional night
din have any picture for it….
i often use the money they hire me to invest on more make-up stuff
so i dun really earn any extra allowance from this
i enjoy helping others to look pretty
tis my little corner i do my own make-up every morning..

the latest project of coz is our Phlox Studio Make-over contest
click to view
the sample of basic make-up
my latest favorite

hope to c u thr~~~
God bless

2 thoughts on “Stuff to share…

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