Alor star_Part One

back from penang n alor setar…..
now is time hv to deal with FYP no play no fun

you might wonder whr got ppl go alor setar wan…..hahha but coz its the hometown of our housemate,yonpin and we had plan to this trip for such a long time…
here is the update of the trip with many manyPICHA!!!

we take bus all the way from cyberjaya to pudu..its so tiring..i feel so blessed that my family shifted to kl n im no longer nid to travel to this most unpresent pudu again….
waiting for ERLmy backpack and my gladiator is with me..along the trip….
tis was us at the bus….ready to sleep…
its take 6++ hour to reach Alor setar..and our bus is mid night bus so the journey would’t b so long coz you will sleep all the way to the destination
oh ya..this kinda compose picha is wht yonpin’s father style…haha
so canggih right
tis were when we reach yonpin hse…
1st activity- photo ablum viewing
all the photo is arrange nicely and written down with note…
and we were force to play sm games with yonpin
then we went for dimsum as breakfast
but the shop we want to go was closed and yonpin suggested
swan swan- the english name…
the food is *ahem* *ahem* nice…
and there was a women serving hot Chinese tea was shouting xiou (hot in hokkien)
normally ppl use this to aware customer that block their way
but this lady shouting xiou all the way from kitchen to our table
then i figure out that this lady herself is feeling xiou as she is holding the hot teapot
cant help to control my laughter no matter i saw her in the shop
no a very decent start meal….
then we head to shuling’s house…
so bali feel quite simple and nice design….
and the main purpose is Wii
how i wish to own one…..
so cool
next destination….the padi museum
we were sit on the chair and it will spin but a slow let us to view the painting of the view of alor star by sm cambodia artist…
and a guard who suppose to eye on us whether we touch the display item become our tour guide..
the city farmer…

photo shooting at the nearby padi field random shoot of us at the padi field…we look so excited huh..1st time see real padi…
then went to ji gu for meal….
nicer meal than the morning one…
miss their blooming bihun~
then again…makan makan at a random stall famous of its durian pulut but its not available on the day…
and try their otak-otak..totally a different than Johor’s
i miss Johor food so much!!!!
and guess wht this is chedet’s old house!!!

***to be continue..lazy to write~~~tata…

3 thoughts on “Alor star_Part One

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