Passion…World Tour

PASSION KUALA LUMPUR is a gathering for UNIVERSITY-AGED young people throughout Malaysia and South-east Asia. Believing in the university moment, and what God longs to do in this strategic window of time, the entire event will focus on the bigness of God, calling students to PRAYER, WORSHIP and ACTION, and a Story so much bigger than their own.

*credit to passion

i was there yesterday at sunway convention center….
so crowded so many brothers and sisters gather in this place to worship our lord
the conference divided to 2 section which is praise and worship & sharing section
the worship section was so cool everyone was filled by the holy spirit enjoy worshiping God….
which presented by Charlie and Chris Tomlin the amazing team.
din manage to get any picha of the process..coz im concentrated..hehe
the sharing was given by the Louie Giglio
loves the way he preach and share…
tis only picture i manage get of the hall….
greenapple and ah song with my new back rest….
me and song song
four of us queuing to the conference hall
haha…tis was after the conference in spirit high~~
part of us…at last we din get to take a group picha….me n ney~~~yeah God will “call us” to do his will…
and we were ask to pray for Passion next destiny -Jakarta…
people please rmb to pray together for them

“We have courage in God’s presence, because we are sure that he hears us if we ask him for anything that is according to his will.” (1 John 5: 14)

we enjoy the night thanks jesus for the night
thanks for waken our heart for you to build movement change the nation…
love you jesus….

p.s: im off to alor setar and penang tonight….another 711 trip after few year…may God bless our journey~~~

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