God is GREAT!!!!

God is doing all sort of great thing around us…
wonderful work that with man power will not be complete
with Him all things are possible
feel thankful becoz when im stressful and busy
i had a you, my lord to led my burden down, because..
Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. Philippians 3-6

He call his child to work for him build up ministry to glorify his name
and the ministry did lotsa great work with help from God..such as
SOP– Stream of praise
last last week i was thr in their Asia Tour to Malaysia
it was my first time go to Christianity Band Concert
was totally awesome
their song, the spiritual atmosphere, their passion through song to reach people
everything was great, every song touched our heart we feel God present and how he love us

hehe…im goi to another concert tis week
its Passion World Tour 08
looking forward
mayb is God plan for me not go to pangkor ID trip which also departing this weekend
but to build my spiritual though Passion
i wanna grow wanna grow in Christ!!
P.s: i hv my new disciple chun ying!!!

after song song …ain’t they look alike??hhaha

with love,

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