Pangkor….Pain 100%

hahha…ya tat’s the plain 100% origin
ain’t it weird..hhaa…we brought from Setiawan (Winter’s hometown)
our first station is Setiawan the place which we had to passed by to get to lumut–>port to Pangkor island
“Kam pia” is a fuzhou’s traditional kinda biscuit taste like indian tosai

fuzhou’s dry mee

on our way to the ferry ride….
sm of us include me was so scare to vomit in the ferry due to “Seasickness”
but Thanks God ,everyone is too tired to vomit…all are sleep till the destination…on the boat….
a candid shot…
tis the van that we use to travel while at the island
inside the van…all girlsSss…
hahha…we look like the prisoners on the way to prison….

First station…the portugise historical place….
and we take lotsa typical jumping photo…
their expression are so funny…..( typical jumpingI)so do us( typical jumpingII)

to the “great wall” at Pangkor island
actually is a Chinese temple with lotsa stairs and a “yuan” stone and few of huge fish
can you guess wht we imitating?




(even cartoon also take typical jumping picture)
is it obvious??
let me help u to identify who is who
panda= ysy
shifu = shuwan
the leopard =yonpin
snake= yeekuan
tigeress= me
grasshopper = ney
and u might not notice master wugui(turtle) which make us take tis pic, its under the panda…hahha

all of us…
pretending to be COOL but sorry i failed the picture..keke
a jump before goi to sea..( typical jumpingIII)at night we had our bbq dinner…
we also come out wif our own dry sotong and satay fish bqq..its unexpected tasteful…
we accidentally found tis karaoke lounge….while cycling on the way back from beach
really old kinda lounge
just order one drink u can sing all night long….on sunday after our own sunday services, we leave the island…end….
nice and wonderful short trip
hopefully u guys are enjoying too…
looking forward for our 711 next trip to the north..Alor Setar, Penang and coming

***will update another batch of photo soon later….

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