Days in Cyberhutan

The net is so so so slow today…i wrote tis in notepad and paste it here which save more times…
i had started my new semester my last 2 semester
it been times i never update my blog…
im still working on new template..tis old template just bring me no mood to post anything here…
and of coz i hv no topic to talk with
life in cyber is super duble boring

9.00 morning wake up to class
12.00 break within classes back home to have lunch or drama
2.00 then class again
4.00 finish class nap awhile..since waking up “early” for class
6.00 surf net do research
8.00 dinner
9.00 again surf net do research drama or blah blah
3.00 sleep

so boring right…beh tahan tis the main reason im not updating tis blog…
im gonna be busy with my FYP(Final year project)
praying hard to ask God lead me in whatever project im dealing with
so i can glorify His name with my work
although my project do not related to in Gospel sharing or christianity
but im gonna glorify Him in the way i face all my task with His power and help
About my FYP we the ID kids are dealing with fast food chain
my target or intended customer is Starbucks!!
i remember i was their regular customer few year back
and Violet she always my perfect kaki hanging out in Starbucks
we tried every single new product, spend our whole holiday drinking coffee…
we will bring RM10 everyday to City Square just to buy a cup of frapoccino sitting on the coach and spend the whole day
but now i think im old ready, cant take coffee anymore..ill get headache or stomached after drinking any drinks that contain caffeine
miss you Violet..hope u doi fine now…

2 thoughts on “Days in Cyberhutan

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