Reason why im broke…..

Reason I….
i hv tons of freelance and did some of them
coz sm of it i do it FOC and some of the payment still delaying…
boss if u reading tis can u pls…*ahem*ahem*
since im at home now i cant do anything without my pinkC *new name of my computer*
there are money waiting for me but im simply lazy to earn
doi design sm times torture when it come to keep changing and changing to reach client or boss satisfaction
anywhere thanks God for giving another way for me to earn my allowance…..
more pls…hahha..especially those i love it…

Reason II….
the stupid driving lesson and test
ya..i take my driving lesson and test few weeks ago AGAIN!!!
tis my second times taking the test….i passed it and being a driver for 2++ years
Becoz of never renewing my P license..its expired
i was ask to retake everything and of coz repay everything…
so ridiculous right??cant they make it more flexible other than repeating the thing again….
haih…y Malaysia like tat wan ler…
after 1 year being an illegal driver i finally get my P license again!!!haih.

Reason III
buying too much clothes and shoes….
and too much travelling…

Reason IV
PTPTN ppl is eating snake…
y haven bank in money for us..and pls pls…dun bank it in to school account pls???
we beg u…hahha

Reason V
my dad!!!
is not giving me enough allowance…….

tis the conversation that when i telling ney im broke
bb: ney, how??no enough money ler?how am i goi to survive until the end the month
ney: dun worry……………God will provide….everything… ???broke??life still go on….God will provide…

ok then..enough with complaining and mumbling
here a survey to kill my times…

you look to your right and see::.
my brother…sitting in front of his laptop

reach out with your left hand and touch::.
the window………..

the last tv show you watched is::.
the money maker recipe…

what color are your nails painted::.

guess what time it is::.
12 smth…

what time is it::.

how off were you of guessing the time::.
all the time…even im wearing a watch…

besides this survey what are you doing::.
listen to music…

the last time you have been outside is::.
get my P license…

the last movie you watched is::
Kungfu Panda

who is the last friend you have seen::.
Shuwan i think…..

add the number of the letters in your name and then multipy it by 3::.

name the number of places you have lived::.
gosh 8 places!!!!that’s a lot…

how long have you been home from school::.

if you have aim what does your icon say or is a picture of::.
me in my dream house!!!

where do you plan to move when you’re older::.
anywhere just away from Malaysia

take your age and multipy it by 5 and divide it by the lowest number it can be divided by.what’s the outcome::.
im not good in math n i dun understand tis questions…sorry

what is the last disney movie you watched::.
bee it a disney movie??i dunno

what is the last music video you have watched::.
can’t remember

explain the outfit you’re wearing::.
cheaplat tee n short

are you talking to anybody? who::.

explain your blogger layout::.
nth special…just sm simple design…im in the process of changing it….stay tune!!

4 thoughts on “Reason why im broke…..

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