im back to my ROOM!!!!

**Updated…on spelling and grammar mistake..sorry ppl i type it middle of the night…sorry ya…

after half year away from my room
bad things happen..really a bad one..tell u
a black CAT greet me when i first open my room door
i scream as loud as i could coz of my fear to cat and trying to “scream” away the cat as well
everyone knows i hate, i scare, i just dun like this CAT thingy
ney help me to investigate whether its still inside my room
but it probably ran out from the window when i scream at it
how am i gonna stay in a room that a CAT lives b4
i throw away all my blanket, pillow, table cloth, bed sheet and everything that the cat would had probably territory it
im really freak out coz this thing might stay in my home for 3 weeks ++
i move everything clean everything in order to get rid that fear….
how could tis CAT being so rude!!!!
i paid my rental for it to stay meh!!din even ask for my permission also….
tis incident make me hate tis thing even more…just dunno how to love it at all


i never introduce my room in this blog yet
im doi it today~~~
i shift place of the furniture every now n then to keep me feel refreshness
i did everything in this room all by myself…the wallpaper the board..and bla bla la
my bed…new bed sheet…so cheap yet nice *wink*
my bed n a little corner putting lapsap stuff…
photo frame, books/files and boxes with various equiment all kept here
these the 2 thingy staying on top of my gonna collect more hanging stuff so my roof will full occupied
computer area spend most of my time here….

dressing corner my old dirty fur mirror *handmade* and the cheaplat closet from IKEA
i packed my cloth which i seldom wear into 2 big black rubbish bag…. so my closet look so clean and nice and empty too…a new alasan to add new wardrobe !!
these are all my photo area in my room….

that’s all in my tiny little room
im gonna treasure this half a year with my room b4 i graduate….
tis is the place i spend most of my university life….
Thanks God…i’m lovin it…

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