A day out wif my bff

i was having flu fews day ago finally i can tell ppl that im sick..im really sick
y nowadays panadol dun make people feel sleepy???i being so energetic after eating the pills…arh…i nid sleep man
but i feel better today~~~thanks God

yesterday my bff-sun was here at KL
of coz nth we can to do without shopping and camwhore
she is my best shopping kaki eva!!!!
we brought untill we broke….hahah..tat’s wht i seldom do when i do shopping wit ney
he will always keep me go home wit at least sm money left
Sunsun suggestion for me is forever the trustworthy one
all the stuff i brought from our shopping trip bring no regret!!!!
its been hard times shop without u, my dear…

pavilion typical shoot..hahah
breakfast time… thx darling…i appreciate you so so much…
let’s do it every time u come back from sabah k??
take care urself ya…muackx…

P/s:Not forget to thx my neyney for fetching us here n thr wake up so early and sorry for not accompany you in our anniversary(same as u too) …kekeke

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