I’m back…with blessful heart…..


might notice im away for weeks…
and my status on twister…
Yeah… Asea Student Congress
* Journey For Life Time *
i meet lotsa lotsa people from different countries
we get together for one reason…
im amaze with all of their faith in Jesus
tis congress really make me realize how important is evangelism
how important to see the need of the lost
how God want us to work together as family for His Kingdom
we the Malaysia team which in charge of the registration table on the first day…this is wht we do for entertaiment…thx to Grace for bringing UNO for us…
part of the ASEA LT

for the less of the day we had lotsa section of discussion to go through…
since its discussion based its really fun!!!
we had to come out with some conclusion for presentation

tis is one of the section…
and there are my sweet housemate..we stayed in a apartment with 2 room and 3 bathroom…all is free of charge (thx for CCC sponsoring us all this)
miss them so much..they are so cool and sweet!!!

on the sunday we had a tour to KL
and we the Malaysia is assign as the tour guide for each country
Shu huan and me is handling the Vietnamese
We are Bus 1!!
hahah..random take
nadia, a cute little girl from Thailand
random group picture

then we had our banana boat ride…
dun really like it…no next time..:P
on our way to get wet…

Last day was the cultural night
thx for shu huan and shu wan lend me tis unknown cultural dress…

she is my favorite girl..their testimony is so touching and she is such a brave girl!!continue shine for HIM dear as a light and salt in Thailand !!
keren..my beloved roommate..she such a caring and sweet girl!!miss ya so much
doesn’t he look like Aron Kok???i do think so…he’s from Loas
ya tat’s all the picture i take…

im goi to mission trip in Bercham tomorrow..pray for us~~~
** i wash my laundry and dry them and continue packing them into bags..even my clothes all as busy as me…**
what a hectic weeks, but my empty heart is filled…Thanks God

Jesus Love you~~~~

check out this..to noe the truth and light

2 thoughts on “I’m back…with blessful heart…..

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