She is SICK!!!!

huh..what happen to you!!!
why suddenly black off so many times??
are you ok???
how could u do tis to me…
i noe im bz last fews month
since i finish my internship i promise to accompany you like last time!!!
why u look so sick now???
wht am i gonna do without u???huhu…






pls recover soon…ok!!!
i miss u being with me all the times..



without u i cant play my sims!!!!that’s the problem….
im gonna get a the greatest doctor for u soon…


haha..can u c how free am i after get rid of the stupid working hour
after i doll her up nicely, she felt sick pulak!!!so naughty..
but my genius doctor figure out where the problem…
she is lack of nutritious(power supply).hahha
no nutritious of coz lar she faint
so im getting her a brand new vitamin…

p/s..just crapping around…dun take my post to seriously….hahaha
Good Day~~~

One thought on “She is SICK!!!!

  1. Wah!All pink,so nice!I only bring my blythe out when i go out with friends.This model pretty cheap right now.Slightly less than $200.Cheapest of all the blythe dolls anyway:)


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