Its over!!!

hahha..i just cant wait to blog about tis..
ya..i officially end my internship today..
but im still goi back next week to settle sm brochure stuff…and im doi freelance for them as well…
im no longer an intern ok!!!hahah
so excited to get rid of tis name..just dunno y
today went to work with vy high mood…
then they have tis farewell party for us in the lunch time..


then we have present giving ceremony and photo section
my hair look so ugly!!!i tot today ill just goyang kaki in the office doi nth but to wait until 6
who noe at the end i have do 1 new project for my lady stress up…
but i still got time come out with tis….
ya tat’s it the employer in the office…
let’s briefly introduce them..
1st Sean (brother of Alexis)
easy going, best friend of of the smoker group…
2nd Martin
i think i speak less than 10 words to him…he is so shy to talk to ppl he not close too..
3rd Ramesh
One of the shareholder of the company..whole stomach of knowledge, friendly and nice
4rd Alexzis
my lady boss that i use to mention here.. nice and capability in sm times quite fierce…lol
5th Linda
just gv birth of her baby daughter, funny and outgoing lady…
6th Farid
my supervisor and senior too..he is from id oso..haha..soft speaking and funny
7th Arwi
my best friend in tis period…she is lovable and supportive
last Ish
smoker number 2, outgoing friendly and talkative when Jeff around…

will miss u guys and times i spend here…thx for helping me in various way
i did learned a lot gain a lot ..Thanks~
good fortune for u guys in the future…God bless~~

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