Let me go…set me free…

as i mention in my previous post…
tis is my last week of internship…
but in tis last week i got tons of work to finish up b4 i leave…..
brochure flash 3d template blah blah blah just coming in non-stop…
though they noe im leaving on friday
but they just dun wan me to b free

and guess wht yesterday my boss asking me to stay until end of tis month…
ya another 2 weeks only but i just dun wan to work anymore lar..i really want to get rid of it..
she ask me to think about it
after discuss with ney and mum
i decide NOT to…haha(my own decision)
im leaving no matter how..
tis morning i faster faster type my resign letter
im gonna gv it to u her later~~~and tell her set me free please…hahha

im looking forward to sit at home..being a rice worm
sticking my butt on the chair playing my favorites the sims all day long…
and you noe wht
the sims is coming out with third version!! the sims3…
cooler indeed…
New Seamless, Open Neighbourhood—Explore the neighbourhood freely.
New Create A Sim—Create any Sim you can imagine.
New Realistic Personalities—Every Sim is a unique person, with a distinct personality.
New Unlimited Customisation—Everyone can customise everything!

so cool right?????!!!??Gosh..just cant wait until 2009…
i d sign-up as the sims3 VIP to get latest update and able access to special web events..hahhaa *crazy*

sad thing is…. next year…next year..mayb im rather too old for the sims d…who care~~~

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