Finally..yes finally tis is my last week of internship
i wanting tis week to come so much
since my 1st week i’ve been saying to my college aiyo…hope next week is the last week
yes now im in the 1st day of my last week
damn excited to go to work tis week…hhaha
1st time i felt so happy to go to work…
tat day my boss was asking me whether am i interested in working in her company after i graduate was like so shock…but i din say anything just smile at her bcoz i hope to go to bigger company working in those big cooperate…and she ask me whether if i want to do some freelance job for her..haha the answer of coz lar..ill have additional income then..why not..
hehe…so excited…hahah
after tis ill have a really long break until mid of june!!!the longest break i ever had in mmu…
im on vacation mood now!!!! woohoo…



im gonna miss Kioskmedia after tis week…*ahem*ahem*

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