Y my boyfriend dun prefer to gift flower..

as i said b4 it was a miracle for me to receive flowers from my ney..
really a miracle since he give all sort of present from bed sheet to shoe to sweet
anything but not a stalk of flower
bcoz he think flower is the most waste money present in tis world
mayb he dun think im as pretty as a flower instead..
haha..anyway here is the real reason i think…*i think larr…



tis is how the flower looks like when i get from ney…
i adore the white rose so nice and elegant right
pink wan oso not bad….

…here it start….

after fews day…the petal change in shape already…
the pink one remain it shapes…but color is like *ahem ahem*



2days later…teruk right…look more a tissue paper…
hahha..i dun wan a flower like tis…


tis is how it look today after a week….



flower just do not last longer….
tat y ney always tell me flower cant live internal in your life…
you will only b happy for a while when you get it….
c ney bb so good right? find reason for myself y you dun buy me flower…hahaha…

but i still want flower next time ya !!! a bigger wan..hahha…

p/s: ya, people it just a post to kill my free time…sorry for wasting your time…

2 thoughts on “Y my boyfriend dun prefer to gift flower..

  1. bb -.- thanks for posting this post…yaya =P flower is not eternity..but at least can cure ur anger once a while -.-”…May God Bless you..He is lovely..He is merciful! Without HIM, we are just nothing! =D I love u


  2. true.i also agreed that fresh flower is worthless. i will prefer to buy fake flowers. some more is cheaper rite? kiamsiap, u knw.btw, ming, i am transferring the money to u now. sorry for the lateness. forgot d.and can i ask what if withou HIM, u both are? rabbits?


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