What to write??

am i look more like a Squirrel or a Rabbits…charm y i always look like animal ar…

just dunno wht to write… my life seems to be so boring
i have no interesting criteria to share with…not like others blogger did, their life are so colorful…
even i have i just dunno how to write it here nicely..due to my broken english…
sometimes i really think im in the right field..coz i love to design than dealing with words…..
i change tis blog template more than i write here..hahah
when im freaking free in the “fruit flies” office ill do some customization to whatever site i had….
thanks to the freeness i get to surf net read blogs online shopping and design my own stuff…
these r the blog that i customized last week…like to play wif html coz it gv great satisfaction when everything look good…at the end….
CCF’s blog
Our blog
and mine…
i noe the style is the same but im working on it…gv me sometimes to explore more k…
oh ya about the fruit flies office ya it sound wht it is…the office is full of these disgusting fruit flies..
they are all over the place…even i feel im sting after sitting in the office with “them” for the whole day..due to the ketekut’ness of the company they do not hired any maid nor part time one simply no one to in charge of cleaning up the office… lotsa unwashed cup in the sinking those people just dun wash their cups after using it…lotsa bags of rubbish…lotsa rotten food on the dining table this the great jobs from the part timer who work on the saturday…both the toilet are stingy ..i prefer to go to toilet when out for lunch
but there are still something good for me working it tis company
i did lotsa project related to my major which is good for me to write my report and my presentation
my lady boss gv me lotsa opportunity let me handle like tiny project
i have 3 great intern partner…we eat together laugh together and eat snake together as well….haha looking forward to our 2nd bbq gathering tis thursday~

18 thoughts on “What to write??

  1. u now blog designer izit? handling so many blogsand u like working in SAMPAH TANG.felt itchy aft reading.ur company sounds fun, so many activities.lastly, my name in blogspot sucks. ham yon pin, so ah pek. thinking to give myself an english name. adam?lucas? or stefanie perhaps.


  2. hhaaa..just like to design blog template mah…walay yala…totally a rubbish place..but i think my boss read my blog ler..coz she send sm one here yesterday to clean up the office…haha….y not u use ahpinko ler??wannt to sound formal for ur portfolio ar??if not Stephen lo..haha sound like Stephanie’s brother..not bad oso mah got sm “lalang” with yanzi..when u end ur intern wor??ur job sound more interesting ler..got so many freebies…!!


  3. kim, 2nite got free movie in tgv klcc, 9pm.the movie is “Definitely, Maybe” quite nice and funny movie according to some ppl. so u want?ya,i create blogspot is for portfolio 1. ei i oso got think of stephen becoz of stefanie sun ler(WARNING!IS SFTEFANIE NOT STEPHANIE), but then kena ppl laugh.my intern end on 26april. my job is fun, i guess.


  4. Ham Yon Pin :haha too late to c tis comment..miss a free movie again..but oso no body watch wif me la..ppl so bz…thx ya..Camille:paiseh just reply ur msg…im too old for tat lar..paiseh..i quit tat activity long time d..hahhaah..neways thx for inviting ya ..oi people mayb we go sing k together la..ask shu wan oso lo..yonpin got any free voucher for redbox or neway mah??haha..then we can sing free k… thx for making my comments like so active..hahah~~~


  5. huh.hello wendy, u r “yu chen”?what happen here = =as for the sing k activity, i got nth free thing to YEK u guys. n bcoz of the stupid working time 9-5,cant sing student price oso liao. so want to sing weekday nite or weekend?really wan sing ar. ur bf can sing meh.don kill me


  6. Hello, Wendy…Yonpin,haha..faster xiang ren with wendy..so good my blog connecting people huh..keke..yala working hour so sien..how come u work until 5 geh??u working on sat? how abt tis sunday afternoon ler?got cheap ornot on weekend?…:PMr Tommy,of coz u can join..we would proud to invite the prince mimi to sing for us ler..haha


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