im moody just no mood to do anything
got tons of work to do
write my internship report
settle my freelance job
complete my mum company website…
but im just so mood less to do any of it…




all becoz of my stupid haircut…
so so so damn ugly
i dun even dare to take any picture of myself
u wun get to see any camwhore pic of me in the mean time…sorry~~~~
ill disappear visually for sm times…
i wun go back to tat salon a gain…i promise…
dun get shock when u saw my ugly hair…


Happy Happy Birthday to Sun sun

my darling…today is ur birthday…
received my present???
hope u love it…
must wear it k…and remember me every time u wear them
sorry for no birthday card and wishes in the present tat i send to u
coz i wanna say everything here to u…
its 22th birthday for u…
ill been remember tis date for almost 9 years!!!
ya such a precious friend to me…
we never been in the same class in school but our relationship just grow magically….
our ‘hobby’ just brought us together closer and closer ..ain’t it??
remember we had a lot of promise to each other????
remember tat we wan to live together in hostel while we in the uni so we can share cloth and even combine our money for shopping…haha but however tis cannot come true…
remember we promise each other when anyone of us marry a rich guy she had to buy a diamond the one not married to rich man..??
remember we promise when we in the age of 30 we gonna open our own boutique???
remember we promise to have a trip to japan when both of us come out to work???
i really hope we can together fulfill all the promises
remember all the memory between us…
please do take care of ur health thr okay???dun gv urself too much stress on studies..
ya my beloved darling and cutes friend that i appreciate the most…love ya lotss…muackx…
happy 22th birthday

★New Template★

i’ve been working on new template for fews day..
and finally i come out wif tis design..
but not really satisfy yet
since sm of the feature cant b use such as the older post button
the widgets ..
still not sure whether to continue doi tis or try another design
which wan u guys prefer instead…/??
the previous one?

or the tis new one?
hope to get ya opinion…