Something Different

yaeh..smth different
finally…….. in my extremely boring intern period
my work is boring my company is boring my life is boring
boredom just all around me…

1st different thing i did tis week
we…the intern grab the chance of the limited 2 hour lunch time…
we extend it ourself since no one is in the office after lunch time except us..
so we went to 101mall which take 20 min driving from our office to have our lunch
after having our lunch haha guess wht we do…
we went for bolling….
i cant imagine doing such thing within office hour before tis…sound ridiculous right…
really eat snake kao kao
sempat to take picture some one…no one feel guilty actually just dunno y

i get the worst result among them…i just simply throw the stupid heavy ball off dun even care whr it rolling…bolling is not my cup of tea lar…

2nd different thing…
a miracle…man..haha really a miracle
i get tis….
the very first bouquet i received from ney..
he is the typical type of man who think flower is a most wasted present in the world…
but today he send tis to my office..
of coz la…he wun simply give…thr is some reason la…
or in other way i should say..i “fright” for it..hahha

3rd thing…!!!!
…i haven add any new wardrobe after chinese new year!!
its also a miracle to me..wht happen to me…
i went shopping last weekend both Saturday and Sunday..
i come back home empty handed…
we just eat around…and brought nothing..that’s not me…
i need new cloth lar….even thought the mosquito mark on my face haven gone yet…i still want to look good
eat too much make me gain weight….during tis internship i have gain 1 kg arh…no way of putting on weight….no way..

camwhore on the way to sunway… walau so big…hahamango lou with sorbet at 1st take tis pic to do some edit on the color but failed..haha

the end

4 thoughts on “Something Different

  1.…i was wondering…gaining on wealth? or weight…>< paiseh lar if i wrong =P but still happy to know that u r gaining from that ur parents wont get to scold u ><


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