I want to watch MOVIEsssss!!!!!

thr are lotsa nice movie coming out tis month!!!
my last visit to cinema was JUMPER…(dun really like it)
i like movie that is not violent not horror but funny and touching
tis all those wanting so much to watch them….in the same time


when are you free??

3 thoughts on “I want to watch MOVIEsssss!!!!!

  1. yupz. jumper sucks. ah long is nice. invite u both to free movies many times liao. busy couple ya.2mr got death note 3.wan watch not? shu wan and her 5 are going. but no more ticket liao. sorry. then y i still asking here.


  2. hahha…i watched a long too nice vy vy funny hor..not me bz la im damn free ok…HE IS THE ONE!!!haha…ya lo siao siao punya..next time got yik me ya…


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