❤My hairstyle review (from june 2005)❤

just nth better to do
so come out with tis…hehhe
seems everybody is saying i change my hairstyle too often..
here are the prove that i dun really change it frequently!!
and sm times its really reasonable to change!
so it start from the year whr i enter uni life…

june 2005
i remain my straight hair since baby….
but from tis period i started my hair dying habits….
1st time get myself a hair dye…kinda gold’ish brown color…

december 2005
brought a temporary hair curler…
do my own curly hair…
and started to fall in love with curves…

February 2005
getting tired of curling my hair every morning…
and have a curly hairdo
which everyone claim that i look like a lion…..
but tis hair style remain kinda long time for me….almost 1 year ler…just dunno how can i bear with it for so long

February 2006
finally getting bored of the long big curvy hair…
cutting short….at least a different style…

March 2006
finally straighten my hair!!!
and cut it short…
and tis is the time im slimming down…
luckily i did it…

July 2007
have a new bang and give more layer to my hair…

December 2007
a new hair style short to long bob style…
belong to me only…since i never seem anyone hv the same with mine till now
February 2008
still in love with the long to short…remain it ….oh ya tis pic belong to
neyneybb.blogspot.com our love blog!!
March 2008
hv a new hairdo which is twisted perm….
not really happy with it…

March 2008
straighten some of the inner part of my hair
and dye my hair to black!!!!i have black hair!!!can u believe it?
ya i did darken my hair….fews day ago…
tis make my bad end look better….

ya tat’s all…thanks for viewing!!

4 thoughts on “❤My hairstyle review (from june 2005)❤

  1. thanks girl..i get tis hairdo at monsoon id at 1utama…but i wish to hv ur hair now!!!dun want short hair anymore…n ur blog is great..luv da way u write…hope can be like u one day~~~a popular blogger!!!


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