How to get your boyfriend to be more romantic???

**girls, post tis in ur blog if he is reading it….

How to Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend??


  1. Send flowers to her office (for no reason at all!). Flowers anywhere are good!
  2. Put your arm around her waist when you walk; don’t do the casual “arm around her shoulder”. Alternatively, hold her hand.
  3. Give her little gifts or surprises. Little things mean the most.
  4. Play with her hair, but don’t be annoying.
  5. Put your arms around her waist when you are standing behind her.
  6. Make eye contact with her as much as possible.
  7. Tell her she is beautiful, not hot.
  8. Plan a perfect “date”. Something other than the cliche Dinner and movie.
  9. Tell her you love her (but only if you really do). Write her love notes, too.
  10. Be sensitive to her needs.
  11. Make her feel special around her friends and other people.
  12. Make her birthday special.
  13. Plan something big for Valentine’s Day.
  14. Make her feel like she is the most important thing in the world to you.. (at least once in a while.)


  • Don’t be too serious. Girls love a guy with a sense of humor.
  • Remember little things she says in conversations with you and bring them up later. She’ll be flattered that you would remember.

from me,
obviously it is hard to change a man….no matter how many tips and steps you post he is who he just posting for the sake of “somebody” want it…..

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