My prayer…

tis prayer i get it from Daily Bible Study which really touched me..n tis is wht i really want to pray for..

Lord, when I am scared remind me that you are with me. When my enemies attack me, give me the strength to carry on. Lord, bless me with the resources that I need, do not send me out without equipment. May I have a determination to follow you driven by the Holy Spirit, even though the road ahead is hard. Amen.

It is easy to deviate from God’s plan
when it is a hard and lonely road which i have to endure a situation like standing up to discrimination in work or at home everyday because i am the only Christian
reading bible and pray no longer a habit of mine
lotsa time when santa came to me and i dunno how to defend
i cant imagine how could it be when i come out to the marketplace next year..
am i strong enough to stand alone??
Lord, i really need your guidance in all way…

One thought on “My prayer…

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