Trip to Malacca

So fast my weekend ended already…
yes malacca trip is awesome
enjoy spending times with ccf’er
enjoy crapping around with them
enjoy walking around malacca
enjoy taking picture
enjoy having so many people in a trip
luv it so much
thx chingping and joseph for all the effort in organizing this great trip
let’s hv it next time…
here are the pictures….
oh ya 22 ccf’er join tis trip involving 4 cars
my ney ney one of the driver…
5 person in ney car include me, song song, joseph and a new friend zhong hui
me n song song crapping along the way even along the trip
she is my best mate in everyway…luv ya
the brothers asking for picture right after reaching malacca
this is the guest house we stay at Saturday night
nice entrance huh but the room is like *ahem* abit
lotsa foreign backpacker luv to stay here
there are lotsa antique in tis guest house
me n one of my roommate of the day kelly the fairy pretty sister
tis the “kitchen” we stay…hahha…but we r thankful becoz there is no mosquito
actually this is not the picture we plan to hv…hahaha
after settle down we have our ice breaking n fast n pray at the rooftop
then we went out for lunch of coz is the famous chicken rice ball
but i dun think the shop we went is the original one coz my father often bring me to another which is much more nicer n cheaper
and i have my dessert!! the yummy durian cheese tart
as we have bit time left before joining malacca cf youth group so we went to malacca mmu
my very 1st time finally i been thr before graduate
bcoz of times concern cant get to meet with my brother
tis is the famous library 3 storey, cyber ppl can you imagine??
we dun even hv much ppl and books in inside although ours have only 1 floor…
me and ney ney oh ya we wore our couple tee which i designed n printed as valentine present to ney ney
we and the not vy nice background
and tis is the new sister i mention previously zhong hui..i force her to take picha with me
after visiting the campus we join malacca cf youth gathering
they are friendly and nice
will upload the group photo later….
but here is the picture within us
after the gathering we heading to a’famosa but who noe it was raining heavily
spoil my plan of taking picture
so we decide just to visit the museum thr
my model of the day….hahaha
my beloved song song…

my ney sleeping so cute…keke
for dinner we went to satay celup….not bad
after having dinner cute little ah mi meditate beside the road..hahha
our next destination—-jonker street
finally!!! and thanks god giving us good whether after the heavy rain before dinner
we went back to guest house at 11 smth
n we have a crazy plan while everyone is planing to sleep…
hahaha..ah mi brought firework n asking for sm softdrinks and peanuts…
n the kind-hearted guess house in-charge person bring us to the 7-11
n we have sm chatting eating and drinking and also playing fireworks at the rooftop…
thought out the whole trip i enjoy this the most
the ugly version!!
fireworks picture taking section..hahhaa
without fireworks effect…
the funny micheal tang after tiring turning the firework i just take one picture for him…
the fireworks effect…nicer then
cute little ah mi….
the view of the rooftop
oh ya we meet with one of the boss…have a nice chat with him tis the picture he take for us
the very rajin ivy everytime no matter whr we go she sure study de…
and finally we go to bed at 2 while everyone already in their dreamland
i dun really sleep well tat night..lotsa night mares
then we have our sunday services at malacca luteran church which we went for the youth gatering on saturday

and we went to tan kim hock for souvenir
and the cendol!! durian cendol sm more…
an antique kinda shop…
ney and the shop….sorry for the wrong placement of the logo…
and we ended with a visit to the bee farm…
they are busy buying honey!!
Great Trip!!!
Thx God for all the blessing!! luv ya…muackx..

3 thoughts on “Trip to Malacca

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