House Kids Wardrobe

We got our wardrobe 2 week ago from ToppingsKids! It’s super easy to fix yet sturdy  Chloe and i love it very much! I like how simple and minimalist the design is plus the sweet pink shade which made a good additional furniture to Chloe’s room!

This kids wardrobe is good for display and teaching kids to learn organized their wardrobe Chloe is the one who decided the dresses to be hang on it.

She chosen all the pink outfits she own to be display on the rack. Then volunteered to hang her uniform there so she can wear it next day to school. It’s obvious that she love it as much as i do.

DSC06549-9It’s such a joy to take photos for this cheeky girl these day but she’s got too used to me or daddy to take her photos. She refused to cooperate in Class photo session last week, which left teacher no choice but let her skip her portraits photo. I tried to talk to her about it she just say she’s shy and she doesn’t want the uncle to take her photos.

i really hope she will outgrown it sooner or later as what teacher told me.

Back to the wardrobe it’s a brand from Korea name Petite-Maison they have the cutest kids furniture which exclusively imported by Topping Kids. I started followed them last year because of their famous momsboard which had been always in my wishlist for Chloe, but now on pending till we moved to our new place when Chloe have a bigger room to cater the board! Go checkout their site for more awesome stuff!

Get Fit

I realized i’ve gained some weight after taking my TCM treatment, it does help with my body cold feet and hand problem seems getting better, period finally show appearance and my appetite become “better” too. I feel very bloated and heavy so i decided to start working out, Ping intro me an workout app a while ago but i never have the intention to start any exercise that time finally it come in handy!

DSC05831-4i’ve been cycling ever since we got our bobbin bike, after sending Chloe to school i will usually ride to park for 1 or 2 round till my leg feel tired then do marketing before heading home. In the evening or night time i’ll do my 10 mins burner work out which give a good sweat before going to shower.

I’ve been feeling very healthy inside out instead of having supplements i think my mum is right that working out/exercise is the natural way to keep fit and healthy. I also lose about 2 kg after a month doing these routine! i’m back to 42kg hope it maintain for a long while. I used to be 40kg tho after 1 year Chloe was born but i was very underweight and weak 42kg consider healthy weight for me although my BMI still underweight but at least i feel much healthy.

This week we’ve been cycling a lot! Monday we cycled to Macritchie Reservoir, this place is beautiful and i’ve been missing it out this gem although it’s so near to our place! Today we cycled the whole bishan park then to AMK for breakfast. I really enjoy cycling very much then any other sports!


Hello September, always my favorite month of the year. Went hiatus for no other reason but just being lazy

Update on #MKCrib we are more a less settle with the house.

Contractor – checked | Carpenter – checked | Aircon contractor – Checked too

We even brought our dream fridge at quite a good price few week ago can’t wait to use it already! Fridge is really important to us as we cooked a lot like everyday, so Ming and i think it’s a good investment. Next will be kitchen hood and hob, no price guessing where we spend our renovation fees most. The price hacking and laying the current wall and floor tiles for the kitchen already cost a bomb then the kitchen cabinet and all the accessories. Better make it worthy by cooking more and utilize my kitchen in future. We are thankful to have some saving and blessing from my in laws without their support we can’t even afford a house here. Recently some friends asked us how much do PR or foreign need to buy a resale flat the answer by the time we place our intent to buy it was at least 28% download payment to purchase a resale hdb but goverment recently increase to 33%. So if you’re getting a 600k resale flat you will need 198k cash in hand or saving in cpf to pay the down payment for a house. Which is ridiculous expensive but no choice who ask us to buy house in foreign land right. Then is renovation fees because all resale flat need some hacking and renovation depend on flat conditions like ours was not that bad but not to my personal liking most of the door are at weird positions so we need to seal it up and hack the wall to open up new doorway for kitchen and common toilet. Storeroom too need to moved to another place in the house as it’s now too close to another room. We are 1.5 months away from renovation take place hope no hiccups along the way.

Back to my happy months, Mum is here for a whole week for ahem my birthday request, so touched when i asked her why she choose this week to come over instead of last week when Malaysia have 2 ph in a week she say it’s my birthday mah! so sweet can die! Best gift ever coz this week i can relax a little as she helped me a lot on cooking and house chores and most important taking care of Miss Chloe. Also a few dates with Ming, he booked omakase for my birthday dinner we can only have omakase without Chloe tagging along and my love for Japanese food is real. I had 3 jap meal in 4 days already this week will be 4 in total, last Sunday we went on a couples date with Ping and Will it was fun and we enjoyed the food very much also each other accompanied. Oh and sister zhi just left after her 4 days here her visit was impromptu, brought the flights a week ago as i think she needed a break. We have a good bonding just before her flight we went orchard for lunch and shop then laugh our way home like crazy women only with her we can talk nonsense and laugh till our jaw cramp.

 Exciting September ahead!